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Every life that is lived is unique, and we believe that every celebration of life should be equally unique. CasketWraps are an efficient and affordable way to help create a personalized or custom casket appearance for your loved one.

Watch our short video to learn more about our innovative process, designs and approach to making your loved one’s funeral services a personal, meaningful way to honor their memory.

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Our Process
Because Timeliness Matters

Specializing in the funeral industry, our team at CasketWraps has created a process that allows us to design, print, ship and install a personalized wrap in the shortest time possible. Our experienced team of professionals will help guide you through the process, communicating each step of the way, to ensure your peace of mind.

CasketWraps is a trade service provider, which means that you can only order a CasketWrap as a licensed Funeral Home or funeral professional. This just helps to eliminate any confusion with the family and funeral home, and ensures a smooth and easy process.

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Customize Your Casket Wrap

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What is Casket Personalization?

Casket personalization is the ability to transform or modify a traditional casket and make it unique

St Louis Children

This week, our thoughts and prayers remain with the family, friends and community of East St.

We appreciate your interest in having a personalized CasketWrap for your loved one. We believe that