About Us

We created CasketWraps with one goal in mind — To help people during some of the most difficult times they will face. If our CasketWraps can help make these times even slightly less challenging for a family, then we know we have helped make a difference. And to us, that means everything.

With an eclectic background, our team has combined our graphic design and wrap abilities, along with our funeral and mortuary experience to provide a new level of casket personalization to the funeral industry.

Our Team Is The Difference

One of the most unique aspects of our company is our team. Each member understands the importance and significance that goes into each one of our CasketWraps, and is committed to going above and beyond to ensure we are delivering a lasting memory for that family.

Our team consists of an eclectic group of creatives and skilled professionals from around the country, all specializing in a different aspect of the company. From our customer relations and engagement specialists to our graphic designers, production and installers to military veterans and our licensed Funeral Director.

This unique blend of personalities and experience has allowed us to evolve our product to meet the demands of the industry, while also ensuring the highest standards along the way.

Getting Started

CasketWraps is a sister company of The Stick Company, a marketing, design and vehicle wrap agency located in Morgantown, West Virginia. In 2014, we received a call from a local funeral home asking if we had ever wrapped a casket. Intrigued by the challenge, our team willingly took on the project, which continued to develop into a strong partnership with the team at Fred L. Jenkins Funeral Home.

Within a year, we realized that there was a need in the region for a quality and consistent designer and installer for personalized caskets. With our background in marketing, web development and wraps, we founded CasketWraps as its own entity, tailored to the funeral industry. We continued to operate, designing personalized custom caskets and building relationships with some great funeral homes in the region

However, in 2018, CasketWraps reached a new meaning when our company President, Damian Ferek, found himself designing a casket for his own father. As one of our teams’ designers, he knew he wanted to create something that best represented his father, who passed away after a 30 year battle with Multiple Sclerosis.

“While my father certainly did not have an easy life in his wheelchair, he was always a person who could make you smile, or simply encourage you to focus on the positive things in life,” said Ferek. “So I decided to make the wrap exactly what he would have wanted, based on the thing he enjoyed most in life — his english bulldogs. And as I greeted my friends and family as they came to pay their respects, and witnessed, first-hand, the impact that the wrap provides. It allowed some to smile, some to even chuckle, but left nearly everyone saying – That is exactly what your dad would have wanted. I knew then that we wanted to help provide this same experience to others.”

Since then, the team at CasketWraps has been working to enhance their process and expand their markets to better serve funeral homes across the country.

“We recognize that wrapping caskets is a relatively new concept for many Funeral Homes,” said Kim Johnson, VP and CFO of CasketWraps. “But we are committed to ensuring our team provides the resources and knowledge to our Funeral Homes so they can continue to offer these services to their families.”