Awareness Casket Wraps has recently introduced a new casket design category for awareness wraps. As we continue to expand out catalog and produce designs to help memorialize your loved one, we wanted to ensure we have available designs that represent the strongest and most active members of the many awareness communities. We recognize the passion and dedication of so many of our customers, and want to help capture this through our various design options.

The first creative concept in our awareness line included three casket options highlighting Breast Cancer Awareness. According to recent studies, one out of eight women will suffer from breast cancer in their lifetime. We wanted to do a small part to help bring more awareness to this disease with the hopes of finding a cure.

Our breast cancer CasketWraps three unique designs allow for you to select the appropriate design and direction, while then offering an opportunity to personalize each layout with two lines of text that will print directly onto your CasketWrap prior to installation. is the industry leader is custom designed casket wraps and offers an affordable option for those wanting a unique memorial opportunity. We offer expedited processing and shipping so that anyone wanting this custom option can have the materials in hand for installation in a short window of time.


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