Custom Wraps

We take pride in designing a personalized custom casket that will create a lasting memory for the families, friends and community.

Our custom wraps allow you to create a personalized design that reflects the most important and special aspects of a loved one. No two people were created the same, and we believe no two people should be buried the same.

CasketWraps was founded on the idea that we can create a truly custom design highlighting the uniqueness of an individual. Personalization is everywhere, from our homes and cars, to our phones and computers, and we believe we have the honor and ability to help take that same personalization to their final destination.

Our team will create a distinct design based on the information provided by the family, to ensure that we are making it as special and tailored as possible. We have streamlined a process that allows us to create a custom casket to ensure you are able to provide the most fitting personalized funeral service in the shortest amount of time possible. To learn more about our process, please click here.

Get started with your Custom Personalized CasketWrap

If you are the family or friends of a loved one and looking to create a personalized casket, we can help.

We know that making these funeral arrangements can be a difficult and challenging process, so we are honored to assist you in making the service as personalized as possible. We will work with your funeral home to make every effort to ensure that your casket wrap is shipped and installed in time for the funeral services. For fully customized wraps it will take a few days longer than choosing a pre-made design, so it is important that you work with your Funeral Home as early as possible if you are interested in a fully customized wrap.

When determining the best option for your custom casket, answering a few simple questions will help you to determine what design or direction is best for you:

  • When you think of your loved one, what do you think of?
  • What were your loved one’s hobbies or special interests?
  • What was your loved one passionate about?
  • What were some of your fondest memories of your loved one?
  • What could your loved one do better than anyone else?

These questions can help you determine the best design or personalization for your custom casket, and truly create a lasting tribute for your loved one.