For consumers interested in purchasing a CasketWrap

We appreciate your interest in having a personalized CasketWrap for your loved one. We believe that no two people were created the same and have created our company around providing the same type of unique and personalized memorial.

CasketWraps is an industry trade provider, which means that you can only purchase a casket wrap as a licensed funeral home or a funeral professional. However, we have created the following resource for the family or friends of a loved one who are looking to get a CasketWrap and how to discuss this option with your Funeral Director.

1. Your first step is to download the linked PDF that provides an overview of CasketWraps as well as our contact information to provide to your funeral Director. You can find that here: DOWNLOAD PDF.

2. You will then want to contact your Funeral Director as quickly as possible to express your interest in having a wrapped casket for your loved one. The two main factors in determining if having a CasketWrap is feasible are the date and location of your service. This is why we encourage you to talk to your Funeral Director as soon as possible to allow as much time for the CasketWraps process. As a rule of thumb, you will need at least 72 hours before the start of your service.

3. The third step is to have your Funeral Director contact the team at CasketWraps to review the details of the service and answer any questions that they may have. Your Funeral Director may already be experienced with the process, however, if they are not we will gladly walk them through all of the steps and answer any of their questions. Your Funeral Director is a key part of having your casket personalized and will need to be included from the start.

Our contact information can be found on the downloaded PDF from the link above, or on our website for convenience.

4. The final step we recommend in preparing for your CasketWrap is to begin thinking of the types of personalization your loved one would have wanted. If you have seen any previous designs or concepts, such as those in our pre-designed catalog, you will want to share those with the Funeral Director. We also encourage you to think about the things that mattered most to your loved one, such as their family, specific interests or hobbies, their profession or organizations, or simply just distinct colors or textures.

At CasketWraps, our goal is to make your loved ones’ memorial as honorable and personalized as possible. Following these guidelines will help make the process go as easily and efficiently as possible, while providing our team with the information and details to make it as unique as possible.


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