Funeral Homes

CasketWraps is a Trade Service Provider

Since 2015, CasketWraps has been working with funeral homes across the country to provide custom casket designs and personalizations services. We have continued to tailor our business through the years, ensuring we are being the most beneficial industry resource.

In 2020, CasketWraps evolved into being a Trade-Service Provider, dedicated to the funeral industry. What this means is that you can only order a CasketWrap as a licensed Funeral Home or Funeral Professional, removing the opportunity for families and consumers to purchase directly.

If a family member or consumer is interested in purchasing, we provide information for them to discuss with their funeral home, and how they can start the process. You can view this information here:

Tailored Process

Our team has worked to create a tailored process for the Funeral Industry that works to streamline the process from start to finish. During this process, our team will help guide you through the different steps including:

  • Introducing CasketWraps to the family
  • Communicating the design
  • Understanding all the needs at the start
  • Casket recommendations
  • Local & on-site installation options
  • and more
Experienced Team

One of the most beneficial aspects for our funeral home partners is our CasketWraps team. Our team consists of an eclectic group of creatives and skilled professionals from around the country, all specializing in a different aspect of the company. From our customer relations and engagement specialists to our graphic designers, production and installers to military veterans.