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What is Casket Personalization?

Casket personalization is the ability to transform or modify a traditional casket and make it unique for the intended individual. Casket personalization is a way to make a loved one’s funeral service more tailored toward that specific individual, as a stand-alone personalized centerpiece, or as part of the overall funeral

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St Louis Children

Personalized Caskets for Five Memorable Children

This week, our thoughts and prayers remain with the family, friends and community of East St. Louis as they honor the five children who sadly lost their lives in a house fire. Our team at CasketWraps was honored to work with Serenity Memorial in Belleville, IL, in providing a memorial

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For consumers interested in purchasing a CasketWrap

We appreciate your interest in having a personalized CasketWrap for your loved one. We believe that no two people were created the same and have created our company around providing the same type of unique and personalized memorial. CasketWraps is an industry trade provider, which means that you can only

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Understanding Licensing and Trademarking

At CasketWraps, we often receive requests or design direction utilizing a licensed or trademarked concept, such as a sports team or movie character. While our team is dedicated to making your loved ones’ caskets as personal and special for them as possible, we also take great pride in ensuring the

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Understanding The Growing Trend In Custom Caskets

At, we understand the importance of creating a custom casket for a loved one. Custom caskets are a great way to honor and personalize a memorial, and have become a growing trend in the funeral industry. For many, funerals are a huge part of the grieving process, and families are

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Awareness Casket Wraps has recently introduced a new casket design category for awareness wraps. As we continue to expand out catalog and produce designs to help memorialize your loved one, we wanted to ensure we have available designs that represent the strongest and most active members of the many awareness communities. We

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