Damian Ferek

Damian Ferek
President / CEO

Thee Damian Ferek, the founder and CEO of CasketWraps. Driven by his creativity, he believes in a hands-on leadership approach and can be found helping with all aspects of the process from the design to the development, as well as our continued engagement with funeral homes. 

Damian is also driven by his dedication to the community, from which he volunteers and supports several organizations from animal rescues, veteran support and homelessness, as well as multiple groups aiding sick children. He has received various recognition for his efforts including the WVU Medicine Children’s Community Service award and the West Virginia Young Guns award. 

In addition to CasketWraps, Damian is the owner of The Stick Company, a marketing and design agency and Stick Tattoo company, a custom tattoo and body piercing studio, which better explains his colorful and artistic skin. 

We’re not at work, he enjoys spending time with his girls, being his wife and his daughter, as well as their four dogs. “He also spends too much time on Pinterest,” says his wife Rachael.