Understanding Licensing and Trademarking

At CasketWraps, we often receive requests or design direction utilizing a licensed or trademarked concept, such as a sports team or movie character. While our team is dedicated to making your loved ones’ caskets as personal and special for them as possible, we also take great pride in ensuring the proper use of licensed and trademarked material in our designs.

The last thing we would want is for the final memory of your loved one to result in a potential lawsuit or dispute. For this reason, we have created a few options to still provide the desired casket concept.

For many requests, such as sports teams or colleges, our team will help design a concept utilizing the teams’ colors and non-licensed design elements, to still allow the design to be fitting.

We can also work with our local and in-house designers as well as our royalty-free stock photography library to create a design or concept of a similar nature, without infringing on licensing and trademarking.

Our team will also attempt to contact the team, organization, or entity of the licensed material, to potentially receive a single-use approval if time allows.


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