What is Casket Personalization?

Casket personalization is the ability to transform or modify a traditional casket and make it unique for the intended individual. Casket personalization is a way to make a loved one’s funeral service more tailored toward that specific individual, as a stand-alone personalized centerpiece, or as part of the overall funeral personalization service.

For years, caskets have only been available in a limited and traditional color palette, with very few options for customizing a casket for an individual. However, CasketWraps has made it easy to now offer casket personalization through vinyl wraps applied directly to the casket. CasketWraps can provide a range of custom designs and personalization options to tailor to a more intimate funeral service.

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Casket personalization allows you to tell their story, so that a family member, or a friend, or a member of the community can feel connected during those final days. Casket personalization allows the family to reflect and celebrate a positive memory of their loved one.

Jared Jenkins, Fred L Jenkins Funeral Home

Advantages of Casket Personalization

Casket personalization provides a number of advantages for the family and friends of a loved one, as well as for the funeral home itself.

Custom Design

One of the main advantages of casket personalization is the ability to customize the design to be exactly what you envisioned. Working with our talented graphic designers, you are able to tailor a design around the things that mattered most to your loved one. This design can be as simple as a specific color, texture or pattern that meant a lot to the individual. Whether it was the color of their favorite car or flower, or the pattern of their favorite flannel or lace shirt, you can personalize the casket with this adornment.

You can also create a custom casket based on the passions and interests of your loved one. Perhaps they were a Veteran of the military, or served as a dedicated First Responder, the casket can be personalized to reflect their service to others. Others are very passionate about their profession, whether in healthcare or education, as well as coal mining, trucking or construction — the options are endless.

Another popular choice when creating a personalized casket is a photo collage that tells a story about the things that mattered most to that individual. This can include a number of photos including family, friends and pets, as well as interests, hobbies and passions. They say no two people were created alike, and with CasketWraps, we believe that no two people should be celebrated alike at the time of their funeral service.

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Quick Process

For years, sourcing a custom casket was both expensive and time consuming. Whether airbrushed or custom-painted, the lengthy turnaround times would just not work for a traditional funeral service.

However, with CasketWraps, the turnaround time for a custom and personalized casket can be done in as little as three days, allowing for a traditional service to remain on schedule.

The typical casket personalization process has four distinct phases: Design, Print, Ship and Installation. Each phase is tailored to create a lasting memorial for a loved one, while also ensuring the most efficient time frame possible.


Casket personalization provides an affordable way to create a custom casket and honorable funeral service for a loved one. Traditional caskets are available in a range of materials and quality that can range in price.

However, by utilizing a custom CasketWrap, it offers you the option of going with a more affordable base casket, and then investing in the personalization that will make for a lasting impression.

We recognize the many challenges and emotions that take place when planning a funeral service, and with CasketWraps, we have worked to provide an affordable option to provide a personalized casket for a loved one.

Local Casket

Personalizing a casket with a CasketWrap also provides the opportunity to utilize a casket that is already available at the funeral home, or sourced locally from a local distribution center. The custom designed wrap is then installed directly on that casket by a local installer.

At Serenity Memorial, our team strives to go the extra mile to make our services as special and as personal as possible. When we personalize a casket, we want it to reflect the details of the loved one, creating a biography of their life. This allows the family, friends and community to celebrate their life during these difficult times.

Walter Taylor, Co-Owner, Serenity Memorial

Who can get a personalized casket?

A personalized casket is a unique way to honor lives lived well. And, while we recognize that personalizing a casket may not be for everyone, our team at CasketWraps believes that anyone has the option of having a personalized casket.

Whether you are looking for a special way to honor the full life of a grandparent, as the matriarch or patriarch of the family, or the unexpected loss of a sibling, friend or colleague whose life was taken too soon, personalizing their casket can provide comfort for family, friends and community of the lost loved one.

While we know that very little can provide the solace and support to handle the tragic and unexpected death of a child, personalizing their casket can provide a glimpse of comfort, and a lasting memory that reflects the things that mattered most to that child.

How can you personalize a casket?

If you are interested in personalizing a casket for a loved one, CasketWraps provides a unique and affordable way to honor your loved one. CasketWraps is an industry-trade provider to the funeral industry. If you are the family or friends of a loved one looking to personalize their casket, talk to your Funeral Director about having a custom CasketWrap for their service, or click here to learn more.

If you are a funeral home or funeral professional interested in learning more about creating a personalized casket for a service or to offer to your families, please click here to contact us today.


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